PS Vita Review

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The PS Vita from Sony is one of the newest handheld game consoles on the market right now (December 2012). In a sense it’s a successor to the PSP, the device that Sony brought out in 2005 to compete with the Nintendo DS. In another sense it’s a whole new machine. The PSP is still available but the PS Vita looks set to make a gradual takeover in the next few years as Sony’s flagship handheld console. So how does it rate? Keep reading to see what we think.

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PSP 3000 Review

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The PSP 3000 is the current model of Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PS) which was first launched in 2005. Since then it has had two updates, from PSP 1000 through 2000 to 3000. The PSP 3000 is not hugely innovative but marks some fine-tuning to a portable game console that was already at the top of the range. But now Sony have also introduced the PS Vita. So is the PSP 3000 worth buying, or should you save your cash for something else? Before you buy PSP 3000, check out our review.

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Nintendo 3DS XL Review

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The 3DS XL is Nintendo’s latest portable game console. It’s an update or rather, a larger sized version of the regular 3DS released in 2011. The screen is much larger and this is really noticeable when you’re playing. But is this enough to make consumers want to buy Nintendo 3DS XL over its rivals from Sony, the PSP 3000 and PS Vita? Let’s take a look.

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Nintendo DSi XL Review

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The Nintendo DSi XL console is the latest portable from the company that has dominated the handheld gaming market since the release of the first Gameboy way back in 1989. Recently Nintendo have attracted criticism for expecting consumers to pay over and over for only slightly improved devices. The DSi XL seems to continue this trend, being a bigger version of the DSi but not noticeably different in any other respect than size. But is there more to the Nintendo DSi XL console than meets the eye at first glance? Let’s take a look.

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Xbox 360 Review

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The Xbox 360 games console is still one of the best video gaming options on the market. There are many different options to pick from when you buy Xbox 360, with different storage capacity and hardware as well as game bundles. So how does it measure up and what are the options that you should be considering? We’ll take a look in this Xbox 360 review.

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Wii U Review

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The Wii U is a new console from Nintendo released just in time for Christmas 2012. It’s the first new console to hit the market in 5 years, with Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 finding nothing to improve on. And Nintendo are clearly going for novelty with the Wii U, stressing the new things that it can do rather than improving performance of the same old game functions. So how does this new technology stand up to the competition? And if you want one, should you rush right out and buy Wii U now, or wait until more games are available for it? Read on to see what we think.

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Wii Review

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It’s a few years ago now that the Nintendo Wii hit the market with its revolutionary motion control that had people getting up off the couch onto their feet to play video games. It was a remarkable innovation and made people all over the world buy Wii just to try it. But now Nintendo have developed the Wii U with improved graphics and a different kind of Wii controller and gaming experience. So is the original Wii destined for the dumpster, or has it carved out a niche in the market that it can defend against all competitors? Read on to see what we think.

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PlayStation 3 Review

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The Sony PlayStation has been a market leader for well over a decade, and the PlayStation 3 has been hugely successful as a model. There is a new Sony PlayStation expected in 2013 as well as competition from the Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U. However, Sony have undertaken to continue to support PlayStation 3 and produce new games for it for at least another two years after the new version is launched. So is the PlayStation 3 still worth buying?

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What Is The Best Game Console: Portable Game Systems

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So what is the best game console when you’re on the move? We compare two portable game systems from Nintendo and two from Sony to see which gives you the best gaming experience.

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Sony Reader PRS-T2 Review

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The Sony Reader PRS-T2 is the latest Sony Reader touch screen model, coming onto the market to challenge the Nook Simple Touch and Kindle Touch. Sony has been in the ereader market since the very beginning and there are a lot of people who prefer to buy a brand that is not tied into an online bookstore. For many of those people, Sony is the name they trust. So how does this new Sony ereader stand up to the competition? Continue reading to find out.

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