It’s sometimes hard to know what products to buy. You can see something in the store that looks great, and then get it home only to find it’s not as good as it looked. We set up this site to offer customer reviews and ratings of many different kinds of products.

Of course, these are just our opinions or the opinions of other consumers that we have collected. You can add your own comments and reviews using the comment box at the foot of each review or article. We’d love to receive your feedback in this way.

Where possible, we recommend ordering products from (click here). Why?

  • Amazon is the online store trusted by millions of people.
  • They have some great deals with lower prices than most local stores.
  • You can usually get free shipping.
  • You save time by ordering online.
  • If you need gift ideas, you can check out the bestsellers in a category, look for today’s deals, or see products that other people have bought.
  • If there is a problem with any product, you can simply return it and you will usually be refunded – in full.
  • Everything is delivered to your door. You don’t have to carry anything from the store.
  • There’s even a giftwrap option so that you have gifts sent direct to the recipient – just check ‘gift wrapping’ and enter the person’s address during checkout.

That’s why we recommend (click here).

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