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Our rating: 4.5 stars

The PSP 3000 is the current model of Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) which was first launched in 2005. Since then it has had two updates, from PSP 1000 through 2000 to 3000. The PSP 3000 is not hugely innovative but marks some fine-tuning to a portable game console that was already at the top of the range.

The Sony PSP has always been developed in direct competition to their main rival Nintendo’s portable game consoles. The PSP 3000 goes head to head with the Nintendo DSi XL and 3DS XL.

But now Sony have introduced the PS Vita. So is the PSP 3000 still worth buying, or should you save your cash for something else? Before you buy PSP 3000, check out our review.

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PSP 3000 Video

Sony PSP 3000 Features

PSP 3000 boxedPSP 3000 price: $129.99
Battery life: 4-6 hrs
Dimensions: 6.7 x 2.7 x 0.7 inch
Weight: 0.64 lbs
Screen resolution: 480 x 272 px

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What’s Great About the PSP 3000

Slim Design

The most noticeable change if you compare PSP 3000 and PSP 2000 is the sleek design. It’s a much slimmer device that both looks and feels better. It’s streamlined and easy to carry around. It looks good too. Just what you want in a handheld console.

Crisp Graphics

The graphics are crisp and colorful, performing well in comparison with Nintendo. The only handheld console that really beats the PSP 3000 right now in terms of the display is Sony’s own PS Vita – at twice the price.

PSP 3000 Games

PSP 3000 bundlesThere’s a huge choice of PSP 3000 games on the market. In fact this is one of the reasons for buying a device that’s been around for a few years – you get tons of games. Virtually of the best video games (except those that are exclusive to Nintendo) have been released for PSP 3000. There are also a lot of gaming options that are not so mass-market, so if you have particular hobbies or interests there’s a good chance that there will be PSP 3000 games to match them.

Of course the other advantage of buying an established game console is that you can be pretty sure that major technical issues have been dealt with.

PSP 3000 Bundle Deals

There are several PSP 3000 bundle deals. One of the best deals right now is the PSP MLB 11 & Gran Turismo Entertainment Pack. As you’d expect, this includes both MLB 11 baseball and Gran Turismo car racing, two of the most popular games on the market. This bundle currently comes with a 2 GB PSP 3000 memory stick too. Other bundles come with God of War (adult content), or LittleBigPlanet and The Karate Kid for younger players. Alternatively, you might want to pick a package that includes accessories instead of games.
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Multimedia Capability

The PSP 3000 is not just for video games. You can do a lot more on it too. First you can play music on it. It might not replace your iPod if you like the advanced features on that but it’s functional and could mean you have one less thing to carry around. You have your MP3 player and gaming console in one device.

It comes with WiFi capability so you can browse the internet and download directly to it. There’s a built-in browser so all you have to do is hook up to a wireless network and start surfing.

You can also watch movies on the Sony PSP 3000. You can stream them from the internet, although depending on your WiFi connection that could be slow and/or expensive. It’s usually better to either download them or buy PSP 3000 movies on Sony’s proprietary UMD disks which slot into the back of your PSP. This is a great option in case you ever want something to do for a couple hours and don’t feel like gaming.

Expandable Storage Capacity

You might want a lot of storage space on your PSP, especially if you’re going to download movies as well as games. It’s good to know that you can always expand with memory cards (which Sony confusingly call PSP memory sticks, although they are actually cards, not USB sticks). You can have as many of these as you want and swap them out so your storage is unlimited – you’ll just want to keep a note of what is on each one.

What We’d Like To See Improved

Built-in Storage Capacity

The PSP 3000 is a great handheld console but like everything, it has a few points that could be improved. One of these is the built-in storage, or rather, the lack of it. You need some storage space to load and play a game, even if the game comes on a disk, so you have to buy PSP 3000 memory sticks right from the get-go.

It’s true that if you buy a bundle, you’ll often get a memory stick in it – but if you buy PSP 3000 and a game separately, you’re likely to unbox it only to find that the game won’t play. Frustrating, right? We think this is a cheap move on Sony’s part and if they’re going to design the PSP that way, there should be a memory stick in the box whenever you buy PSP 3000.


The PSP shows up fingermarks and smudges to an extent that can be annoying. You really can’t avoid messing it up and it’s frustrating to have to keep cleaning it. So don’t expect your PSP 3000 to continue looking shiny and new for very long.

Game Loading Times

Games can be slow to load from UMD cartridges, so if you like to pick up a portable game console, switch it on and play, you might be in for a bad surprise with the PSP 3000.

Sony Customer Service

Sony don’t have the greatest reputation for their customer service either in terms of speed or efficiency. This could be an issue if your PlayStation Portable develops any technical faults.

PSP 3000 Review Summary

Our rating: 4.5 stars

The PSP 3000 is an excellent handheld console for the price and definitely worth buying if you want great gaming on a budget. If you can afford the PS Vita it is a step up and you might want to go for that instead. Equally if your biggest wished-for game is exclusive to Nintendo or the Wii then that’s going to influence your choice. But otherwise, the PSP 3000 is still one of the best portable game consoles on the market, and the huge number of PSP 3000 games that are available is enough to make many people choose it over newer consoles.

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PSP 3000 Review

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